Garden: Bed 4

As part of my new daily routine I’m trying to spend one hour a day in the veggie garden, and one hour elsewhere in the garden.

Today was Bed 4 day.

My garden rotation plan is based on my six veggie beds and what I eat most - a lot of lettuce, tomato, onions and peas, not so much turnips and Brussel sprouts.

 Carefully planned out on the back of an envelope stuffed with seed packets.

Carefully planned out on the back of an envelope stuffed with seed packets.

Bed 4 was a mess… and the soil had compacted and was like solid rock… it was also 30deg here this afternoon. So many rests playing candy crush and sitting in my chair that hangs from the macadamia nut tree were needed.

But I went from overgrown, to orderliness… those are Pak Choi in the second pic… nearly 1m tall!!

All seeds except some basil seedlings which are the scraps of green you can see.

So I give you Bed 4…


My Doom Smiles at Me

I don’t know why, but I started to write again. Well edit mostly. As I’ve no doubt mentioned before I’ve got at least 12 complete and partially complete novels sitting on my computer. All good stories, but not yet good enough for publication.

I’m editing the first book in my Plan X trilogy. The title, and theme, come from this Bukowski poem… I’ll keep you guessing about the details… for now

My Doom Smiles at Me

there’s no other way:
8 or ten poems a
in the sink
behind me are dishes
that haven’t been
washed in 2
the sheets need
and the bed is
half the lights are
burned-out here.
it gets darker
and darker
(I have replacement
bulbs but can’t get them
out of their cardboard
wrapper.) Despite my
dirty shorts in the
and the rest of my dirty
laundry on the
bedroom floor,
they haven’t
come for me yet
with their badges and their rules and their
numb ears. oh, them
and their caprice!
like the fox
I run with the hunted and
if I’m not the happiest
man on earth I’m surely the
luckiest man