Day 3: People Who Dislike Me Today

Today I: Started to tell people my plans, was amazed at the surprise and opposition.

  1. My ex... understandable and its going to take real negotiation to sort out the kid situation with this move
  2. My sister... she lives in Wollongong... and has rung my mother trying to get her to forbid me from moving there... none of us can figure out why - Wollongong is HERS and I'm NOT ALLOWED to live there apparently
  3. My mother... not happy about me making the move (but torn because my sister's attitude has upset her)
  4. People who have asked questions about why I'm moving or my plans with the kids: I'm not explaining anything to anyone outside my realm (yeah well except for the whole internet, I'm a contradiction ALRIGHT... it adds to my allure).  I'm sorry if that offends anyone, but I dont see how my ex and I are going to tackle this is up for discussion.

I feel kind of numb.  I know I've got a HUGE task ahead, but I'm plotting and planning and moving forward.  I've got an answer for every question, contingencies covered... People say this is so quick.  But its not. Its been coming for two years. If they'd listened they'd have heard it coming. I can do this. I think.

Main bedroom...  it'll be worth it!

Main bedroom...  it'll be worth it!