A Big Whinge

Today I: Got over a visit to Wollongong ER

Its been nearly a month since my last update.  A new job, moving and ongoing illness reduced me to such a wreck that there wasn't much to say ... well nothing that would edify anyone reading it!

On Tuesday my darling Sebby got sick.  He was exhibiting all the signs of tick paralysis - to my mind anyway - and given that I lost my darling Ella to a tick (10 years ago now), I completely freaked out.  I rushed him to the Illawarra Vet Hospital, and they explained the symptoms were down to a heart murmur, hip degeneration and an abscess under his tooth.  So he'll be having his tooth out next week - the rest is just because he's getting to be an old fella.  I'd noticed him slowing down a bit, but now I see that he's well into middle age.  I found that a little startling.  Pets shouldn't age (says she who owned the Cat Who Would Not Die... but did after 22 years!).

Then last night I ended up in Wollongong ER with a gallstone episode.  Very painful and it took a lot of endone to get under control.  As a result I'm sat on my capacious bottom feeling pretty ordinary and this means blogging (and making frivolous online purchases... glow in the dark necklace anyone?!)

So last Thursday was the Big Day... I bugged out of Berowra and early Friday morning my goods and chattels arrived in Wollongong.  Just over a week later and I'm climbing over boxes, trying to start six jobs at once, no idea where to put anything, tired, confused and frankly all over the place.  

The main problems are that I've got NO kitchen, NO laundry, NO bathroom, NO cupboards, NO storage, holes in the ceiling, and before I move anything into its permanent home I've got hours of cleaning and scrubbing ahead of me.

I have no idea where to even start.