Day 43: Photos

Today I: Struck a pose

So tell me... good people of the internet... what is the one worst thing that could possibly happen one hour before the photographer arrives to take photos of your house for the online ads??

If you guessed... your kitchen cupboard randomly falls apart... then you would be correct. 

Fixed it with packing tape... sigh

The last couple of days have been manic.  Just running around cleaning and packing and organising.  I cannot tell you how over it I am.  The girls have been amazing.  Working their bums off.  Miss 12 painted the cubby house for me and Miss 11 did an incredible job cleaning the kitchen.  Right now I've only got one Must-Do job left... tiling the front step... and the list of Want-To-Do jobs is pretty short too.

At the same time, I'm full-steam-ahead organising quotes for the new place.

I'm taking tomorrow off, though.  Kicking back with the kids and just doing stuff and things.  I direly need a break from the damm house.