Day 12: Sex with the Ex

Today I: Made the back lawn worse, had sex with my ex, had an anxiety attack about mulch, started Season 3 of Big Love, got the spa clean, clear and ready to go, mowed the lawn, water-blasted around the spa and pool which seemed to make more mess, started to paint the cubby house, got sunburnt, and had a nap

Removal of the vege gardens continues... backbreaking and nigh on impossible to get right.  It was hot humid and the job reduced me to tears. The dirt was heavy, the wheelbarrow tyre was going down. My back hurt. I hated everything.  I ended up sunburnt. Fuck it all.  Still I set the goal of getting the middle beds done, and I achieved it.  With bruises, sweat and tears.  Then, as I was watering I glanced around the garden and the true scale of mulching I had ahead of me became painfully obvious.  I decided I hated mulch, gardens and pretty much everything in the entire world, and my house would never be ready for sale and no one would buy it NO ONE WOULD BECAUSE NO MULCH...

It seemed like a good point to go inside and start Season 3 of Big Love - my ongoing homage to Bill Paxton.

Next I finished cleaning the crud out of the spa, and started to fill it up...which wasn't a bad job at all.   Then, as the weather was nice, I started to paint the cubby house.  Its currently brown and purple... which is an awful colour combination under any circumstances and I have NO IDEA what I was thinking when I chose it.  Lets just put it down to experience and Learn From Our Mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes... the recently ex-boyfriend came over to 'talk,' and ended up staying the night and intimate relations happened.  Not very satisfactory ones, I might add.  I mean if its make-up sex then I think lady-orgasms are a must.  Anyhoo it was all weird and wrong, and the next day he asked for his keys back and zoomed away on his motorbike to be consigned to my dodgy past.  The End.