Day 13: Dealing With A Wet Spot

Today I: forgot parent-teacher meeting, fixed the shade cloth, kind of fixed the shed door, dug a hole to deal with a wet spot, watched the hole fill with water as I got hit with a thunderstorm, and then watched it drain like its supposed to... 

So yes... Apologies to Miss 10s teacher... I completely forgot the parent-teacher meeting this morning at 8am.  Totally and utterly, didn't have a clue... well until Miss 10 mentioned it this arvo.  Mother Of The Year yet again. Le sigh.

First on the job list today was fixing the shade-cloth sail that goes over the spa.  A trip to Bunnings furnished me with the particulars for this job... wire cutters, several swags, 2 turnbuckles, and (obviously) wire.   After a lot of cutting of wire to the wrong length, sliding this bit through that, twisting it around and then hitting it with a hammer, numerous trips up and down a ladder, and a considerable amount of teetering, heaving and wobbling... I got the darn thing up...

I got the broken shed door vertical as well.  Needs work tho... still not sitting on its runner properly.

Then after a couple of Episodes of Big Love Season 3, a trip to Coles and reading through my bridging loan documents I tackled The Wet Spot.  Nobody likes a wet spot.  And when that wet spot butts up against your house... well its just super inconvenient.

  • I dug the a hole
  • Inserted my drain, which has drainage holes drilled into it
  • Then... as luck would have it... we had the most almighty thunderstorm, flooding the garden and demonstrating why the wet spot needs assistance
  • The drain worked perfectly... instead of the water sitting against the side of the house it soaked away... most chuffed indeed

The day concluded on a sad note.  My ex mother-in-law passed away peacefully after a long long illness.  My ex found out when his father EMAILED him shortly after.  Emailed.  I suppose he was in shock or something.  But ffs.  Who emails someone their mother has died?