Day 44: A Shambles

Today I: got driven home by the police in a drunk wagon

Day 44, the kids and I took a much needed day off and headed down to the new house for a bit of chilling out and wanton destruction in the garden.

We met with my bathroom designer and I have an eta of mid July for my bathroom... mid. july.  *weeps.*  And wtf with all this grey that's in at the moment?? Its so bland. I'm thinking a blue and white bathroom.  Clean and fresh. 

I refuse to use the bathroom at the new house.  So, the ideas I've been researching for shower alternatives have been most amusing... you can hire a shower for around $200 a week (like a portaloo only a shower), get a pop up shower tent and camping gas bottle powered hot water heater for outside - around $250 in total... or the pop up tent with a solar water heater for around $60 in total.  I'm actually thinking I might start the laundry renovation first (in terms of diy projects) and rig up some kind of shower situation in there to make do.

I went exploring along the creek that runs behind the property - at the moment its a weed choked mess, but I plan on landscaping the garden down to the creek and clearing it all out.  Miss 11 and I went for a bush bash and found the neighbours have all done similar.  We met Paul, next door but one, who told us of water dragons in the creek.  Looking forward to meeting them.

And Miss 11 and I laid waste to a huge grove of banana palms, morning glory, lantana and bamboo.  Just that made the garden feel like it was breathing better. Very satisfying.

And then it was time to head home.  We found our local dog beach - Coniston Beach and had a glorious time in the wind and watching the setting sun.


But I had made a mistake, oh internet.  I had entrusted my car keys to Miss 11 - which in hindsight was very much like entrusting them to a demented squirrel - and when we returned to the car and I asked for them... of course... they were gone.

So there I was. In Wollongong, spare keys 157kms away, no wallet (in the car) and 10% on the phone. As we searched the beach in the fading light I called roadside assistance - couldn't help - nrma - couldn't help - local locksmith - couldn't help - another local locksmith - couldn't help - my sister - in the USA - my Mum - in Orange.  

When it reached full dark we headed into Wollongong on foot, I tried to take money out of the atm with my phone - didn't work (thanks ANZ, craptacular as usual) - rang the ex to beg for help and then the phone died.


So, faced with spending the night on the streets, I found my way to Wollongong Police station - thinking I could use a phone and at least it was warm - we were all freezing by now.  But they took pity on the three of us (and the dog), and gave us a lift to the new house ... in the drunk wagon (not in the back - it STANK of booze) AND we pulled someone over on the way... very exciting!  So the kind cop dropped me back at the new house and assisted us boosting Miss 11 through the window... at last I was inside... only the phone charger wasn't plugged into the wall where I'd left it.

At this point Miss 12 noted she'd put it back in the car.

So... beyond any realm of dignity now... I went to meet the neighbours.  Ian was out the front having a smoke and lent me his phone to call the ex, who had got my spare key and was heading south.  2 hours of charades later and the ex rescued us.  We got home at 11.30pm.

I'm still traumatised.