Taking It Back

Today I: bought a stove, got the puppy his jabs, bought a kitchen island, bought a towel rack...

There has been much buying of things.  I've chosen not to blog it because it'd be an endless stream of me dithering about bathroom tiles and laundry lights.  And really... who cares... I'll post when there's some actual progress.



Did you notice the puppy reference?? oh yes, we have a little poo monster... he's very cute and has filled my house with laughter and delight.

I left my job.  Not so much resigned as removed myself from a deeply toxic environment.  I am now recovering - yet again, and trying to figure out wtf to do next.  

I had been doing really well, building a new life, being slow, taking time... my too-high heart rate finally made some downward progress... and then school holidays met with a very tricky work place and I went downhill like a brick down a mineshaft.  Stress, overwhelm, sleeplessness, IBS, palpitations, doubt... all the old friends. Work on the house ground to a halt and I spent days off trying to recover from days on.  So I walked away.  It simply wasn't worth it.

I took back my life.