Day 15: Holy Carp

Today I: Was inundated by tradies, and murdered huge creepy goldfish and their babies.

The day began ordinarily enough... pouring with rain (yes still)!  The skip guy finally came and collected his skip. The Pool checker person came and told me my pool fence was defective, which surprised nobody. Hire-a-hubby came and sorted out fixing my shower door... blah, and blah and even more blah...

But then, I realised I had to deal with the murky brown pool.  The one with goldfish in it.  Goldfish that had got very big and very creepy and had babies.  And when I say big I mean size of my hand big.  Huge goldfish. With goggly eyes.  Staring reproachfully.  Creepiest things I've ever seen.  And I had to deal with them.  Shudder.

I know that goldfish are becoming an environmental pest because they keep being released into local waterways by well meaning ex-owners.  I know too that no one would want to buy them or rehome them.  So I murdered them internet.  I chlorine-shocked the pool and sent their little fish souls to fish heaven.

The painter showed up at that point, and gave me a quote to paint over the last of the lurid colours on the walls in the house (thanks previous owner).

And then I returned to the scene of the crime to find the dog eating a dead fish, which he'd managed to scoop out of the filter.  

That was basically the end of me for the rest of the day.

Sometimes the only reasonable course of action is to go to bed, with a family sized block of white chocolate and netflix, and hope its all going to be a bit better tomorrow.