Day Whatever

Today I: decided to forget about the whole day counting thing...


Apologies for the hiatus... in a nutshell I sold my Berowra house way faster than I thought and I've been scrambling to get the Unanderra property liveable before I have to move.  A 3 month task condensed into 6 weeks, 3 of which I need to be in Sydney.

When I am not upsetting gigantic black snakes or avoiding electrocution by utter dumb luck in Unanderra (more on those dramas later), I'm hurtling back and forth on Picton Road, and various traffic clogged motorways.  


Alas now I have been ground to a halt... yesterday I yanked on a weed and brought a whole retaining wall down. Luckily I was able to jump back and it didn't land on my entire leg - as I really think it would've broken it - but the top edge took out my ankle (just bruised, nothing broken).  So I am in bed, RICE-ing away - was originally using icy poles for the ice component but ate them so now its cold packs wrapped in a tea towel (so boring). In addition to this I've got tonsillitis, a bladder infection and my period is due tomorrow.  I'm kind of getting the feeling the Universe is telling me something??

Yes... its telling me I should drink more...