Update: The Foul Floor

In the last 3 weeks I: got the living room floor to some semblance of liveability

Its best shown in pictures, but I got that vile living room floor to a state where I'd let the kids in the house... using an orbital sander as a scrubber was a sheer stroke of genius on my and the chaps at kennards parts...

It took me all day.  And without the scrubber it could've taken a hell of a lot longer.  When I peeled back the carpet I found both the rubber backing - which was turning to a foul grey powder - and the adhesive were stuck to the hardwood floor.  

Boiling water got them off with scraping and scrubbing, but it was a tedious, filthy, backbreaking job.

So, after some online research into scrubbers, I headed to Kennards and hired a scrubber/sander type contraption.  With a heavy duty pad on it - just a skerrik off steel wool - boiling water and a squirt of floor cleaner the machine turned both rubber and adhesive into a brown slick of filth.  

The boiling water was essential, and I didn't get much of a result without it.  So I worked one kettle full at a go.  After scrubbing I rinsed down the floor  with buckets of water, and sent the resulting mess into the laundry with the broom, where it drained into the floor drain, and out into the garden.  Not pleasant, but it worked.

Once I'd got off every scrap, I brought in the high pressure water cleaner (I have a gerni) and basically hosed the whole thing down.  For good measure I gerni'd the bathroom and hallway floors too.  Then the entire laundry.  Not the most elegant solution but it worked well and cost me about $150 for the scrubber hire as well as $15 for the floor cleaner.

This floor will be sanded back and stained/oiled further on in the renovation.  But for now, it'll do.