Day 16: I Got Crabs

Today I: Exited the shower having shaved only one pit, sorted out Miss 12's room, sent the ex-husband off to the UK, and became a hermit crab nanny.

Owing to the vile weather and the fact I was barely able to take care of ablutions this morning, I decided to postpone today's trip to Ikea.  I just think you need to be in control of all your faculties when tackling Ikea, and clearly this morning I was only working on 50% efficiency.


Instead I got stuck into Miss 12's room, not nearly so challenging as Miss 11's, but still took me most of the day.

The tweens arrived home this arvo, having spent the week doing solid duty distracting their father and administering hugs where required.  Both thought their new rooms were weird, and the verdict was Miss 11's room felt bigger, but Miss 12's felt smaller.  Ok then.

I have also taken on the added responsibility of Dusk and Dawn the Hermit Crabs.  


Generally I'm happy with 4-legged creatures; horses, dogs, cats, cows, sheep, alpacas... do not phase me.  Not so keen on 2-legged things, but do love chooks,  And am appalling at things that swim or otherwise exist near the water.  Don't speak to me about fish... and crabs are delicious ... served up to me all cooked and with a nice sauce... I am not into the needy ones which must have an environment to live in, and a heat pad, and require salt water and food and whatnot.  

But with the ex-husband away we couldn't leave them to fend for themselves apparently.  So the menagerie is up by two for a bit.  At least I don't have to walk the wretched things.