Day 47: All about the floor

Today I: Got down on my knees... a lot

Down south today, and starting to put together a plan to get this reno started.  The main priorities are roof, ceilings/mould issue, bathroom, and those three are being dealt with by professionals.  The rest I will do as I can and call in help where needed.  

So FIVE amazing discoveries today...

  1. I figured out the house is double brick - I'd been told its brick veneer, but when I was peeling back some of the wall panelling I found brick underneath and it dawned on me that either they're massive bricks or its double brick.  This also explains why the house feels 'chunky' and solid, and the reason for the massive steel I-beams that are rusting quietly across the front door.
  2. Got the hot water system switched on ... the fuse box has those ancient ceramic fuses in it... dear GOD
  3. Ikea curtains fit perfectly - with no HEMMING - hurrah... gotta love high ceilings
  4. Totally awesome, mint condition hardwood floors when I peeled back the revolting carpet

3. The foul rubber backing left behind when I peeled up the 'carpet' in the kitchen comes off easily if you pour boiling water on it... as does the adhesive (with some scraping).  I thought that was going to be a nightmare job.

The musty smell in here has improved already with just the small amount of carpet removed, and when it and the mould is gone it's going to be lovely and fresh.  So feeling a bit less daunted and a bit more like it won't be months and months before I get this place habitable.

They day ended with a walk on the beach... That Beach... I searched for the car keys, retraced steps, tried to intuit where they were... didn't work... sigh.