Today I: discovered that my gallbladder and I will soon part company

I wasn't very confident when I went to pick a new puppy.  All I could think of was poo on the floor and yapping.  And then I arrived and stepped into the enclosure where three 6 week old Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were playing. I melted.  No idea why I was immediately drawn to Harry, but I scooped him up and that was that, I was his person and he was my puppy.

He sleeps on my head, chews my hair, plays tug o war with the end of my jeans when I'm putting them on, eats my shoes, barks at teatowels, bites toes, falls in the pond (more of a stagnant puddle), hates baths, bugs Sebby, loves to sunbake, hates naps and hoovers up food like a vacuum. 

I'm completely smitten.