Day 18: PODS

Today I: Practised self-control and did not cry when the PODS delivery guy bollocksed up my verge with his ginormous truck tyres

My POD arrived.  Into this I shall insert all my clutter.  This ranges from pillows with "I've Tried To Stop Swearing But I Cunt" written on them, to a spinning wheel.  Neither of which will be appreciated by potential house-purchasers, apparently... I'm tempted to leave the Cunt Cushion hidden in a cupboard somewhere and see if anyone finds it.

True to form, my children - who have completely ignored the Very Expensive Cubby-house I bought for them ten years ago - thought the POD was a fabulous cubby and spent the day in it sheltering from the rain and playing Chess.

I can't talk about my verge yet.  It was too traumatic.  But trust me when I say there will be a long and possibly tearful post about it in the future.