Day 19: Packing and Rainbow Cake

Today I: Regretted ever deciding to move house and added a new selection of bruises to my shins

The cleaning blitz commences tomorrow at 8am.  

My brilliant, fabulous cleaner has texted me twice to remind me to get all the cleaning products she needs.  I eventually sent her this... reckon it'll cover most disgustingnesses lurking in my house


So this has led to a POD packing day like no other.  The house now feels weirdly empty and all but the bare essentials have been pulled out.  Mum turned up with two trolleys at 10am, Miss 10s playdate showed up at 11... and all of us commenced clearing out the house.  Because what are tweenagers and retirees if not slave labour?

I bribed them with this...

Coles finest rainbow cake... sickly sweet... they loved it

Coles finest rainbow cake... sickly sweet... they loved it

By dark I'd got everything I needed to out!  (exclamation point because I really didn't think we'd do it) Back is killing me and I'm not capable of much more than grunting right now.  But we did it!!  Tomorrow I'm bugging out and leaving the cleaners to the whole heap (this is more out of embarrassment than anything).  Heading down to the new house and see how its survived the rain. 

Then on Tuesday I've got the painters in... which apparently is an euphemism for getting your period.  I've got both... on Tuesday... my period and actual painters.  Go figure.