Day 50: Rainbows and a lot of gold

Today I: became the owner of a whole lot of debt, and saw a rainbow

The scary bit began.  The double mortgage bit.  But, to offset that, I turned down the first offer on the Berowra house - a piss-take offer, not to be taken seriously.  Then this afternoon, on the drive south, the setting sun and showers colluded to provide me with several spectacular rainbows.  I took it to mean all will be well. I mean how can I argue with a rainbow??

I'm very very tired.  I think I'm unwinding.  This slowing down business is hard work and I've been quite the sooky-la-la over the last few days.  This morning I was up at 5am, doing laps of the house and starting jobs and then forgetting what I was doing. After a cuppa I fell back asleep. I dreamed. I rarely dream.  And this one was notable because I nearly ended up on a magazine cover, topless, with a potato squished between my boobs... luckily I persuaded everyone in the dream that the picture of the grey high rise was better.  Hmm.

Other than that I've been doing a ton of planning, and hacking the living daylights out of the weed infested garden.  I don't want to boast but I think I've got every single weed in the Illawarra Weed Guide.  Actually... one I haven't yet discovered is privet... my bete noir up north.  I loathe the stuff and am direly allergic to it.  Please not that!

Aside from the weeds, the garden is full of dumped masonry and dumped wood.  I've got two rules (so far). 1. No herbicides. 2. Nothing leaves the site unless necessary (asbestos sheeting and old carpets excepted). So I'm coming up with some very creative ways to create the garden of my dreams without any more environmental impact that has already been made.  More on this later (oh so much more).