Day 33: Wallpaper Weekend

Today I: wallpapered, drank coffee, ironed, went to the shops, ate nachos and napped

The dominating theme of the weekend was wallpaper.  I have wanted to wallpaper this wall for YEARS.  And was pretty chuffed to be finally getting on with it.  

I bought the wallpaper a while back.  It was kind-of odd.  I woke up one night, at about 3am. Went on ebay, saw the paper on sale and bought two rolls.  I very rarely go on ebay, and certainly never at 3am.  Of course I promptly forgot all about it until I got an email a few days later saying it'd been posted.  The funny thing is, is that it was SUCH a perfect match for the room.  The cream background was perfect with the existing paint, and the gold and black in the flowers works perfectly with the 80s black slate floor.