Day 20: Half A Button Mushroom Wedged In My Drainpipe

Today I: Spent 5 hours in the car, unblocked the dishwasher, removed a huntsman from the laundry and had a fight with a fuse box.

Check. It. Out!!!

Check. It. Out!!!

I went to visit the new house today.  Am pleased to report though the creek behind it has obviously flooded, it didn't make it into the garden.  Nowhere near the house. Phew.  

All the gardening I did the other week has been undone, with the heat and rain of the last fortnight the weeds have gone bonkers and are taking over again. Still 29days to go before I can get in there with my mower, god knows what it'll be like then!

Upon arrival home I found my dishwasher doing this... 

This caused me to go... Why the fuck does everything stop working the very minute you so much as whisper about selling the house??

Anyhoo... it turned out that F11 means you have half a button mushroom wedged in your drainpipe. Who knew?

Just as I'd fixed that disaster, the feeling of eight beady eyes watching my every move made the hair on my knuckles tingle... look away arachnophobes ...

He was summarily ushered into a tupperware container and released over next door's fence... NO... I mean into the wild. The WILD people. What do you take me for?

And then the girls and I discovered that running a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, three computers, three phones, several lights, and a fridge off the same circuit causes fuses to blow. It took us... I mean me... three trips to the fuse box to figure that out.