Day 21: God is a Crap Shot

Today I: Asked God to smite the POD... he missed... had the painters in... and hemmed and hawed

The POD loading continued today, in 91% humidity and 28C heat.  It was not pleasant, and on more than one occasion I contemplated the pile of junk I was carefully storing away, and considered lighting a match and burning the whole wretched thing to the ground.  Obviously God heard me, but is either a crap shot, or had heard that Mum's spinning wheel is in there and was too scared to organise a direct hit...

Photo credit to Miss 11

Photo credit to Miss 11

Painters dropped in and did some wall prep.  Note the vile green... thanks previous owners!

TBH it wasn't as bad as the orange

TBH it wasn't as bad as the orange

To finish a long and tiring day I whipped out the sewing machine... which was covered in so much dust I had to take an antihistamine to stop sneezing...  and kicked hemming butt by putting a rolled hem on Miss 11s uniform, and then tackled the dreaded Blind Hem for Miss 12s uniform.

The actual secret to the blind hem is a nifty bit of ironing ( highly recommend this How To for anyone interested, the writer is most pithy... sewing and pith... day made)

The fact I have not blind hemmed anything for eons, didn't the right sewing foot AND nearly sewed my finger twice, meant that technically my hem would have a sewing teaching poking me with a stitch ripper.... BUT it turned out good enough for me and Miss 12...

Next job hemming all the curtains... sigh!

Days to New House Settlement: 28

Days to Old House on Market: approx 10