Day 23: Did Much Achieved Little

Today I: Got up too frickin early, drove hither and thither

Really today deserves a bullet list

  • 5am Got up IN THE DARK
  • 545am Drove Miss 12 to the train station... was tempted to run over all do-gooder early morning joggers
  • 5.46am Got a coffee
  • 6am Filled in MORE forms for house settlement
  • 7am Woke Miss 11
  • 8am Drove Miss 11 to school
  • 815am Got a coffee
  • 830am Put the last of the junk in the POD
  • 9am Painters arrived
  • 10am POD picker-upper arrived and picked up the POD... farewell junk
  • 1005am Set forth in the car again... to IKEA
  • 2pm Drove from IKEA to Miss 11s school to pick her up
  • 330pm Drove from Miss 11s School to North Sydney
  • 4pm Caught the train to town hall and rushed into Abbey's Books to get a misplaced text book replacement
  • 5pm Train back to North Sydney
  • 515pm Picked up Miss 12 from basketball practice
  • 630pm Arrived home
  • 7pm Cooked dinner
  • 8pm Went to bed

See what I mean... busy all day... didn't really achieve anything