Day 24: The Daunting

Today I: was daunted, clutched Ann's bottom, and exchanged flirty texts

What... exactly... do I think I'm doing Internet?  I mean seriously. I'm 45 years old, bought a complete shack and heading off into The Unknown, all on my own.  Ok well Wollongong.  But its new and not Sydney.

I have moments of Daunt.  Mostly I'm pretty confident, and busy mowing things, or wrapping things in bubble wrap, or planning out the next step in my head... but now and then... GAH.  It all starts to feel surreal!! 

Allow me to share a very dirty secret with you... when I'm tired and overwhelmed I have a little thing I like to do... a distraction if you will...  I watch pimple squeezing videos on YouTube... Dr Pimple Popper to be precise... so gross, so satisfying...  just cant look away.  Highly recommend.

At lunchtime I was in the local cafe, escaping from the paint fumes, when my dear friend Ann stopped by my table to say hi.  As she bent down to kiss me hello, I sort of put out my hand in an awkward hug and too late... far far too late... I realised I had just caressed her bottom and then given it a friendly squeeze.  I apologised, which only made it all worse.  So embarrassment.

And then (completely unrelated to Ann's bottom incidentally) I spent the afternoon exchanging smarty-pants flirty texts with a photographer friend of mine... who I shall, henceforth, refer to as Mark... as that is his name... Ah the delights of being in your 40s and single, nothing is off limits!!

I did other things this afternoon, like mow the lawn and go to the supermarket... but flirty texts were by far the most fun bit.