Day 56: Sold, sold, sold

In the last 5 days I: sold my house, broke the chainsaw, broke the modem, fixed the modem, cleaned up a tub of gravy spilled in the car, tore up carpets, and swam in the sea.

My kids are exploring the new house; they're messing about in the creek, have found an oval, found a park, are assessing the climb-ability of trees, and sussing out local kids for potential friends.  This is exactly what I wanted for them and exactly what I would've been doing at their age.  Trips to the beach are a daily ritual, and they've discovered that Lake Illawarra is near - both are asking for bikes... my plan is coming together!

My Berowra house sold as of today - barring unforeseen disasters of course.  I had hoped for enough to have a small mortgage - something in the region of $100,000.  But a bidding war between two buyers, and a strong sellers market meant that it looks like I will be virtually mortgage free.  I say virtually because I'll borrow to get the renovations finished - as fixing the roof, the mould, gyprocking the walls, and fitting out a new laundry and kitchen are going to burn through the funds I have in no time.  But that future borrowing is going to be in the region of $30 - $40K (not sure exactly yet), nothing like $100K.  

I'm a bit stunned really, about selling Berowra.  It happened so fast, and I'm not nearly as ready as I'd like to be.  I'm thrilled of course... but I was thinking I had about two months if not longer to get the new house liveable... and now I've got about 4 weeks.  

Reno-wise I've mostly been removing the disgusting carpet.  I'll be hand scrubbing that vile grey carpet backing off the wood floors, so that's going to keep me out of mischief for a bit.

And sheet mulching out in the garden, too...  had a nasty fall; slipped and went over backwards and landed on a tree stump - I forgot how much being winded hurt!  So I've been taking it easy out there. I broke the chainsaw chain too... not entirely sure how, but a new chain is required, I know that much.  Bit inconvenient as I have tree bodies waiting to be dismembered all over the place.