Day 27: The double chin

Today I: was driven out of the house by the painters (again), did a lot of house related paperwork, went to Bunnings (again) and agreed to have my first open house on 15 April.  Yikes.


I thought, somewhat foolishly, that there could be no photo worse than my licence - which was taken with unbrushed hair and coffee down my t-shirt.  I was proved wrong today when my passport photo was taken.  Chins for days, and who knew my eyes were SO lopsided and oh dear GOD my eyebrows... Miss 11 consoled me by sending the following photo and telling me at least my nose wasn't as big as Julius Ceasar's.  Sigh.




Now that Ive got the spa working properly, Miss 11 and I spent the afternoon reclining amongst the warm bubbles and contemplating my 15 April deadline and the dark brown pool.  Well that's what I was contemplating, Miss 11 was busy with goggles and sneaking up on the dog who was convinced we were all about to drown and then no one would feed him.