Day 29: Baked a cake

Today I: decided to roast a chook for tea... and it ended up being 89% humidity and 31deg... of course it did.

Cyclone Debbie is on her way... well not exactly, but her windy-rainy remnants are making their way south and shall, apparently, be producing yet more foul weather here in Sydney.  This has meant I have spent a lot of today stripping beds, washing clothes and trying to get it all dry.

Baked a cake

Baked a cake

On the upside it was 31deg today, so much of the washing did dry, on the downside it was 31deg today and my burst of baking and then a roast for tea ended up being grotesque for all involved.  And I left the back door open and every fly in the country has invaded my house... most have been eaten by the dog, but there are still a few buzzing about and adding a seedy air to the evening.

My Achilles heel has always been baking.  On my old blog I'd do 'cake Friday,' and include a picture of whatever gourmet delight I had slaughtered in the name of domestic goddessry.  Nothing has changed in the intervening years.  Still can't bake for shit.  That there is a 'cinnamon teacake.'  I covered it in brown sugar but it still tastes like uncooked self-raising flour.

House-wise: I chucked out some more of the appalling brown vertical blinds (thanks previous owners), sorted out another skip for tomorrow, hung curtains, discussed mould with the mould man, and had a most excellent nap.  I am not missing the painters.  Nope. Not at all.

New house keys acquired: 20 days

Old house Open House: 16 days