The Garden: War on Undergrowth

Today I: Knew it was going to rain, reminded myself countless times to get the washing off the line, didn't, it rained, dry washing now wet.

Today's selection of found things in the garden are as follows... a wheel rim, an old bbq, a bin lid, a whole roll of barbed wire and a golden syrup tin...

Next up I took the mower to this thicket... it was all very slash-and-burn, but without the burn

However, digging out the path, stripping the jasmine away from the fence and wrestling with the lantana required much more finesse ...

In other news the bathroom reno ground to a halt... as the electrician didn't turn up...

After providing me with the most vile filthy toilet ever the portaloo people brought me a new loo.. I have yet to summon the courage to go into it, but suspect that horror can only put it off for a little longer.

My latest foray into online dating crashed and burned... what I don't get is why middle aged men seem to think its ok to dish out disrespectful treatment to someone they're looking to get into a relationship with, expect that person to smile and continue like they weren't just treated extremely shabbily AND act surprised, indignant and shocked (SHOCKED I tells ya) when aforementioned person gets her snark on.  

Note to middle aged men, middle aged women don't do meek, we've all put up with your shit for far, far too long.

And now I'm going to go bathe in a trug on my kitchen floor... god I wish it wasn't 9degC :(