Day 31: Chemical Tory

Today I: declared chemical warfare on the pool and my finances

First thing, well after I got home from coffee, I addressed my finances.  As Sophie on Facebook said so wisely "...When you get the picture in full, you can at least panic in full knowledge - and appreciate when you have got through..."

It was past time to panic in full knowledge.

I felt sick.  Truly.  The whole time I was going over it all.  Just ill.  But I pulled up my big girl knickers and figured out my net worth... this included my emergency fund.*  I then paid every bill I had outstanding, and figured out what bills were coming my way over the next while, and what income would be turning up.  The end figure was do-able.  It was.  Not as much as I'd like, but not nearly as bad as I'd imagined.  

Its taken a load off.  For now.  After 19 April I will have a bridging loan to cover the mortgages on my present house and the new one.  This is over $1M worth of debt.  Holy crap, there's going to be some budgeting going on until I sell my present house... but I'll worry about that when I get there!

So enough of this (well until the end of the post).  Today I took advantage of crisp weather and a sunny day and declared chemical warfare on the swamp.  I had with me my beautiful assistant, the dog.

Given the vile vile chemicals I was going to be handling I donned protective gear.  Then began the assault.

First acid (to lower the pH which stops algae growing and makes chlorine more effective), then algaecide and 2kg of powdered chlorine.  At this point the pool began to bubble and this weird cloudy slick rose to the surface.  I was expecting some new form of life to emerge, but sadly nothing showed up except a few decomposing fish.  I let that brew for a while and then poured in 30L of liquid chlorine.  I'll leave the filter on all night and report back on progress tomorrow...

*Your emergency fund

It doesn't matter how long you've been married, or how secure you are in your job, it just doesn't matter.  If you are a woman in her 30s or older, has kids, or likes to keep a roof over her head, then please, do one thing for me, set yourself up an emergency fund. Not a bad idea for blokes as well. But it tends to be women who are left destitute and with financial obligations such as feeding children.  Just quietly squirrel something away in a separate account.  

I started doing this two years ago after I was left utterly destitute by my ex-husband.  We'd split up, but I'd yet to get a job.  He transferred his pay away from the joint account, into his own account. And for four long months, until I got a full-time job, I was made to beg for every cent.  I was also expected to continue running the house, feeding the family, driving a car.  But the money was used as a tool to humiliate me.  The moment I got that job - and believe me I was searching from the very second I realised I wanted out of the marriage - I started an emergency fund.

I'd also like to note here that over the course of the marriage I supported my ex financially throughout extended periods of unemployment and mental health issues, came into the relationship with assets including a house (when he had nothing except A LOT of credit card debt) and contributed a six figure inheritance from my Grandmother to the joint account.  This made no difference at the end of the relationship, for our financial settlement, or his attitude towards me and money since.  No difference at all.

Ladies, at the end of the day, they do not give a shit.  They simply do not.