Bathroom Day 3 & the start of the Potager

Today I:  had the very unique experience of miming sitting on a toilet for the edification of the plumber...

First the bathroom... See we had a bit of a stuff up with some measurements and had to have a bit of a conference about the bathroom layout.  As we imagineered new scenarios I was required to demonstrate bathroom use, as it seems the plumber is a big fan of Method Acting (or Method Plumbing) when it comes to visualising the space.  What is left of my dignity had returned by mid-afternoon.

So the new layout will be thus, vanity on the left, toilet on the right and shower on the right as you walk in the door... the bucket is Albert-the-builder's sittin down bucket.

Those of you that know me, know that I'm rarely without a vege garden and/or fruit trees.  It being winter, I have ordered all my bare-root fruit trees (thanks Diggers and Daley's Fruit). So I currently have the following waiting to be planted...

  • Turmeric 
  • Asparagus (Crowns) - Mary Washington 
  • Dwarf Apple - Granny Smith
  • Dwarf Apple - Montys Surprise
  • Dwarf Apple - Pink Lady
  • Dwarf Apple - Pinkabelle 
  • Dwarf Apple - Red Delicious 
  • Gooseberry - Captivator 
  • Raspberry - Autumn Bliss 
  • Raspberry - Heritage
  • Rhubarb - Ever Red
  • Rhubarb - Victoria

As noted on the weather this evening, it looks like it'll be an early spring this year, and as if in agreement, some my dormant plants are are rapidly 'un-dormanting' and need to be put in the ground asap.

Thus, I'm starting to lay out the beds for the potager.  I KNOW in the pics its a huge mess, so I've included some images from Pinterest to show what I've got in mind.  White gravel paths, low wood edging around relatively small beds.  I actually planted a few spuds in the corner bed today, so I'm officially underway.  

Speaking of the garden...

An Eastern Spinebill visited this morning. He hovered just like a hummingbird as he partook of some salvia flowers.  I'm also often visited by a little flock of Silvereyes, and two butcher birds are nesting in the Macadamia (not a happy marriage, the bickering never stops!!!)  I thought I had a Tawny Frogmouth perched on the washing line the other day as well.   Back in Berowra I never seemed to have anything but Myna's, cockatoos and the occasional Koel.  

Its been a good day.


Oh and you want to make tradies jealous (and tell you appalling filthy stories of disgustingness at building sites) get a squeaky clean brand new portaloo and park it outside your house.