The Pinkabelle Bed

Today I: planted things, the dogs helped... well they napped where I wanted to plant things.... very helpful

The Pinkabelle Bed

The first bed with perennials came together today.  I cannot describe the weed problem in this garden. Any crack in the weed mat has morning glory creeping out of it already, it is everywhere.  So I'm covering the ground with a layer of cardboard, and then a layer of biodegradable weed mat.  On top of this I'm putting together a kind of faux raised bed in the hope that I can get plants established  and when the weeds are well and truly smothered and they cardboard and mat has decomposed the plants can then put their roots down into the existing soil.

So I've got layers of cardboard, weed mat, garden soil and raised bed mix (both bought) and then sugar cane mulch.

The main star of this bed is a dwarf Pinkabelle apple.  However, I've also got Strawberries (Cambridge Rival and Everberry), thyme, garlic (Flinders Island purple - yes its months late), and some lovely pale pink salvia I transplanted from the front garden. 

The small green shrub in the pic is what remains of a very overgrown May bush.  Its popular with the tiny Silvereyes that flit about the garden.  I'll keep it, but well pruned so it doesn't encroach on the Pinkabelle too much.

The black egg-carton looking panels on the ground are the base of the gravel path which will run through the potager.  They will be placed just below the level of the concrete paths on non biodegradable weed mat and covered in white/cream gravel.  Eventually.  

Not much of interest to report in the Found Things department...  I discovered an old jam jar with lid, and a compost bin with no lid (which is actually in pretty good condition)!