Day 38: Ate A Pie

Today I: got overwhelmed again... so napped and ate a pie... and then hired a nail gun

On Day 37 I fought the good fight with the whipper snipper and won.  Its a bugger to start, a bugger to run, gets bloody hot, is awkward and heavy to carry and using it tires me out utterly.  I had to load the string into it as well.  So I resorted to YouTube for instructions on that.  Apparently taking all million meters of string out of the packet was the Wrong Thing To Do... I figured that out myself btw, didn't need YouTube... goddammit.

But whipper snip I did.  It completely died just as I was finishing... because I put old petrol in it... whipper snippers hate old petrol.  I had been told this, but I did it anyway. And now I know.

Then I mowed the lawn.  The turf I laid has gone brown.  3 weeks of torrential rain were too much for it and its all died.  I'm gutted tbh. But not to be defeated I bought some spray on stuff GUARANTEED to make it go green... of course it has gone browner, didn't think it was possible for it to go browner, but it has.  Didn't even work on the dog. (Look he RAN under the SPRAY ok.  I am against all animal testing).

Day 38 was a bit of a write-off.  I didn't sleep... I was well overtired, I'm battling a cold and I went into non-sleep mode.  Mostly I was stressing about the house, in-between worrying about the kids, the move, and my ex who has been contacting his solicitors apparently, sigh. I had a little sob at about 1am, in the dark, all alone, but soon got sick of the pity-party, and went back to worrying, then fell asleep around 3am.  The alarm went off at 5.30am, and I stumbled off to the loo, forgetting on the trip back that I haven't reset the oven clock for the end of daylight savings, thought it was 6.35am and went and woke up the kids for school...


A coffee, a 3 hour nap (during which I dreamed about decorating ffs) and a trip to Bite-Me bakery for a pie (Upper upper north shorans ... its just up from Mt Colah Maccers and their pies are LEGENDARY, do yourself a favour and check it out) and I was much restored.  Had the urge to start rushing about again, but I'd put on Facebook how tired I was - and got the equivalent of ten hugs and some wise advice about rest - and so went to visit the Plant Bug garden centre instead, also at Mt Colah.  This tiny garden centre is my utter favourite.  Not like those huge places that just keep vomiting out billions of the same half-dead white-fly infested plants - this place is packed with unusual finds, and the coffee is tops too.  Some plants for a spot on a shady south facing wall and four bales of mulch later and my miserable night was all but forgotten.

Finally, on the way home from picking up Miss 11 I just had to stop by Kennard's Hire and get me a nail gun... of course my licence was at home (of course) so they wouldn't actually let me take it with me, but I'm heading back tomorrow... nail gun Saturday is a go... what could possibly go wrong...