Rhubarb, Asparagus, Rosemary... oh my

Today I: spent the day in the garden as plumbers, builders and electricians all drilled holes into brick and/or cement in the bathroom

The Bathroom Day 6

Its been chaos, but noisy progress is being made, presided over by Albert-the-builder and the dogs.  The batons have gone up on the wall (excruciatingly drilled into the brick), to hold the villa board.  The down lights are working and wiring for the extractor fan, heated towel rail and vanity lights and power point are all in.  The plumber has shifted all the waste and water points and has been doing things like assembling the toilet and shower.


Rhubarb, Asparagus, Rosemary Bed

So avoiding all of this, I spent the day outside... and I am exhausted!  I fixed up the bed next to yesterday's Pinkabelle bed.  It's another perennial bed, and has two types of rhubarb (Victoria - best used for pies - and  Ever Red - the sweetest rhubarb) five asparagus (Mary Washington) and a rosemary.   

There's a blank spot at the front but I'm eyeing some Purple Fat Bastards (asparagus) on the Diggers site to fill it.

Back corner

As you can see from the pics the back corner of the garden, near to the gate out to the creek, was a stunning mess.  At the beginning this was the worst of the thicket.  it was so overgrown that beneath the morning glory everything was completely still and dead.  Not a worm, a spider or a bug to be seen.  They are starting to come back; I saw a teeny stick insect today, two lizards, a few mozzies, and a white cabbage butterfly was casing the place too.  Also found a tick on Harry, which was no so great.

If you'd told me that under all that was a concrete pathway, I would have laughed!  

That's as far as I got today.  Hopefully I'll get to plant up that corner tomorrow.  

There's a concrete slab resting on top of the path which is a bit of a mystery - as is the huge amount of concrete rubble that is dumped around the garden - I think the slab is from beside the old Brick Shithouse, but its been there long enough for the roots from a half dead Liquid Amber to grow under it.  I'll move it to where I think it lives but it weighs a ton so I'm just sweeping around it for now.