Day 39: Nailed it

Today I: nailed all the things AND used irresistible force on an immovable object

I got my groove back today... had a good night's sleep... despite Miss 11 hijacking my bed (how can someone so small take up an entire king size bed?) and stealing the dooner.

As promised, it was nail gun Saturday.  With this genius invention I fixed the side gate, many many loose panels in the fence, and tidied up the bit that surrounds the pool filter.  I used around 300 nails and can I just say I presently can't feel from my elbow to my wrist from the strain of lifting the gun and firing it.  Am going to be sore as tomorrow.

I have this crazy neighbour... lives alone, spends all day screaming abuse at her two cats... she did not like the noise of the nail gun and told me I was a moron when I pointed out I was fixing her fence for free.  So I threw sticks into her yard when she'd gone inside and couldn't see me.  YEAH.  I did.  Don't mess with me.  

The Hills Hoist is a cultural icon in Australian suburban life.  A steel washing line, it was built to last, and no red brick Sydney bungalow is without one... usually cemented into the ground, smack bang in the middle of a pristine landscaped yard.

Now I'm not a fan.  I think they're ugly, and moved my washing line to a less intrusive spot... hanging off the side of the house... years ago.  Since then I have not been able to get rid of the base of the old hills hoist.  Despite repeated attempts it has sat on the edge of my patio, mocking me and my weakly muscles.

So I was thinking over how to get rid of it, for the umpteenth time.  My initial plan, of hitting it with a sledgehammer was satisfying, but utterly fruitless. I barely dented it.  So I started to wonder about prising it out of the ground, and in a flash of sheer and utter brilliance I realised I could do that with a car jack.

And so I did...

I'm nearly there. A couple more bigger jobs, like these ones, and then the main chore will be making it all neat and tidy.