Coming Soon


Rights were reverted to me in July 2019, so this novel is currently not available online. BUT I’ll have it back online soon.

A suspense-packed chase in pursuit of priceless gems leads from the beaches of New South Wales to the temples of Myanmar in Tory Hayward's hot new romantic thriller. Merry Taylor nearly wept with relief, as she touched the canister that held the Piprahwa Jewels. Finally she could save her father. The kidnappers wanted the gems-now they would spare his life and return him to her. Lying in the dunes, Jack Jones watched Meredith Taylor dig up jewels so precious people would kill for them. Or, more specifically, people were planning to kill him for them. His panic eased. Meredith only loved money, everyone said so. She'd sell them to the highest bidder without hesitation, and he fully intended to be that bidder. It was practically a done deal. She had the jewels, and he had the money. What could possibly go wrong?